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Development Squad 2011

We run squad classes for gymnasts that show potential in the sport of gymnastics.

Cody Moore is the Head Coach of our program and under his guidance our gymnasts are taught to a high standard to reach their full potential. Through these classes, children are developed to a sound competitive standard.

We work particularly on strength, flexibility and body shape and tension. Once the gymnasts are ready they move onto skill development and on again to our competitive and IDP program.

Children are invited to be part of our Squad program for several reasons. They may show outstanding qualities such as strength, flexibility, co-ordination age, skill level and passion for the sport.

We have different squad classes designed for the different ages and ability levels. Our squad members have a great time as well as learning all the necessary techniques for competing in the International, National and State Levels Programs.

Our numbers are increasing in these classes and we are proud of the work our gymnasts have achieved this year. We look forward to watching them develop and compete in the upcoming competition season.

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